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5 Best Free WhatsApp Plugins for WordPress Website

WP Social Chat (WhatsApp Chat WP)

WP WhatsApp Chat for WordPress allows your customers to click a button and open a conversation from your website directly to your “WhatsApp” or “WhatsApp Business” phone number. This plugin includes a Whatsapp button where you can include a pre-set message, which will automatically be the first message in the conversation.


  • WhatsApp button
  • WhatsApp contact box
  • WhatsApp button and box colors
  • Add a custom icon on the WhatsApp button
  • Two button layouts
  • Hide the button based on post types and taxonomies
  • Add rounded or square borders
  • Vertical and horizontal position
  • Custom button text
  • Custom user message

WP Sticky Button

WP Sticky Button is a Free & Light Weight WordPress plugin that displays the beautiful WhatsApp Sticky Button on the WordPress frontend.
After clicking on the WhatsApp Sticky Button, It will bring you to the WhatsApp application or WhatsApp website.

  1. It will bring you to the WhatsApp application if the WhatsApp application installed on your device
  2. It will bring you to the WhatsApp website if the WhatsApp application is not installed on your device

Cresta WhatsApp Chat

With Cresta Help Chat you can allow your users or customers to contact you via WhatsApp simply by clicking on a button. Users may contact you directly in private messages on your WhatsApp number and continue the conversation on the WhatsApp web or WhatsApp application (from mobile).
You can use the floating button which is positioned at the bottom right of the site or a button inside posts or pages using the [cresta-help-chat text=”Need Help?” icon=”yes” position=”top”] shortcode.
Cresta WhatsApp Chat is compatible with WooCommerce and WPML.

Some features

  • Add the button to open WhatsApp Chat at the bottom right of your site
  • Use the shortcode [cresta-help-chat] to add the WhatsApp button to your posts, pages, or custom post type
  • Choose which pages to show the WhatsApp Chat button
  • Mobile version: click the button and automatically open the WhatsApp App (if installed)
  • and more…

Chat Button (WhatsHelp)

The Chat button by GetButton takes website visitors directly to the messaging app such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and allows them to initiate a conversation with you. After that, both you and your customers can follow up the conversation anytime and anywhere!

Key Benefits

  • Keep the conversations going even if visitors leave your website.
  • View customers’ profiles, get closer to and engage with them to increase sales.
  • Support customers anywhere, anytime, even on your mobile phone.


  • Plugs Right In: Installs in less than 60 seconds, and can be custom configured to match your personal style.
  • Works everywhere: Works on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Messaging Apps: Supports Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Line, WeChat, and Telegram.
  • One or Several Channels: Set up only one messaging app or add several channels.
  • Greeting message: Proactive greeting message increases chats up to 10X.
  • Multilingual: Supports multilingual sites and multisite networks.
  • Super fast and lightweight: Buttons’ SVG icons are super-lightweight and pixel-perfect at any display resolution.


  • GetButton is free but offers advanced PRO features.
  • We’re clean and cool. Our chat widget is simple, beautiful, and convenient.
  • No signup, no login, no account necessary.



  • Add two buttons.
  • Change the color of the main button to Gray, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Black.
  • Change the position to the bottom Left or Right corner of your website.
  • Change the call to action message.
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WP Chat App

WhatsApp Chat plugin for WordPress allows you to add a WhatsApp floating button, stationary button, widget, and web beacon to your website.

It’s easy to set up and works seamlessly with all cache plugins.

You’re free to add multiple customer service agents, sales reps, technical support, and more.

This is the best way to connect and interact with your audience. Via the WP WhatsApp button, you can offer support directly, accept orders on WhatsApp, build trust, and increase customer loyalty.


WhatsApp Floating Widget
Show WhatsApp chat widget on selected pages or all pages’ corners.
– Agent Name
– Agent title
– Custom color & greetings
– Set pre-filled message with dynamic shortcodes
– Custom availability & working hours (PRO)
– Avatar (PRO)

WooCommerce WhatsApp Button
Add Order on WhatsApp button on WooCommerce product pages.
– Choose a specific agent/expert for products
– Display the WooCommerce WhatsApp button after ‘Add to cart
– Display before ‘Add to cart, after a long description or short description (PRO)

In-post/page WhatsApp Button with shortcode
– Unlimited display
– Choose a specific agent/expert to fit page/post content
– Optimize audience engagement

Event Tracking
– Google Analytics (PRO)
– Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 (PRO)
– Facebook Pixel (PRO)

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